Live Storage pallet racking

Pallet Racking
Pallet Racking

Live Storage pallet racking

Optimal system for warehouses where stock rotation as well as space savings are determining factors.

The shelves incorporate roller paths with a slight slope that allows the pallets to slide, by gravity and at a controlled speed, to the opposite end.

The dynamic palletizer Kimer allows a perfect rotation of the pallets (FIFO system) taking full advantage of the space by eliminating the aisles of the shelves. It also allows rapid handling of pallets, allowing significant operational cost savings.

 Kimer advantages:

- Possibility that the racks are fully pre galvanized: Optimum quality for installation in cold stores.

- Shelving elements tested by the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia.

- The rollers that Kimer uses have the highest quality on the market, allowing a life much longer product useful.

- System also available in the Kimer picking rack: Optimal system if they manipulate boxes.

Live Storage pallet racking

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